Sunday, December 21, 2014

The moment of birth

I wrote this post two years ago and a still small voice has been telling me to re-post it. I am not sure why, but I have learned to listen to these intuitive moments. This post was prompted by a difficult week of conversations between my husband and daughter and I as we struggled to come to a place of understanding through words that somehow seemed inadequate. It was prompted from watching the pain of a family trying to work their way through something hard, when all that really mattered was their deep love for each other.

The original post is here.

At that moment of birth, in that manger stall, on that cold winter night it was just about a family. A father who didn't know if he could provide for his son, a mother who didn't know if she could keep him safe, a baby with his future ahead of him. He was born in a time of upheaval when traveling in a strange land was wrought with dangers, where a poor family - a pregnant woman, a donkey, an ox and an old man could fall prey to dangers.

There was faith. There was prophecy. There was a shining star in the sky. Soon after there were shepherds, and wise men and gifts. But in that moment of birth there was simply a mother and a father and a baby boy. And a future that was unsure.

And so it is with every birth. In that moment when a woman becomes a mother, and a man becomes a father, and a being emerges from the womb there is that moment when a family is born.

And we are making it up all the way along. Mary and Joseph were so sure in that moment of birth that it was a miracle, as every birth before and after is a miracle.

Life is a miracle. With all of its intricacies and mess. It is a miracle. It is a miracle that even though we are gifted with language, it is a miracle to find those moments of clarity and true understanding - the meeting of soul to soul.

It is a miracle to find love in this world. Sometimes it is a dark and forbidding place, and yet in those darkest moments love can still force its way through, just like a small blade of grass pushing through a mountain of rock.

In that manger there was love. In that temple there was love. At that last supper there was love. In that garden there was love. On that cross there was love.

And so it is with us. At birth, in anger, with forgiveness, in fear, and in death there is love. And love will heal the wounds if we let it.

If we remember that Christmas isn't about the shopping and glitz, but about a simple tree, lights strung in the darkness and a meal shared with family and friends. Christmas is the time to remember that there is love, and love will conquer all if we only let it.

If we only remember that in that moment of birth there is a promise to love and to keep trying. To apologize for not always having the perfect response to each situation, but to believe that when there is love there is the possibility to get back on track, start over, and move forward.


  1. I agree Christmas is about love. There is so much that can be achieved with love in our hearts.

  2. beautiful. You have a briliant way of putting into words the thoughts and feelings of moments that so many of us experience. Merry Christmas!

  3. I've been in a dark place for a few days and the elegant beauty of your piece has lifted me considerable... it made me cry... but it lifted my spirit... Maybe the universe was telling you there are a lot of Wendies out here who needed to hear those words in that particular order...

    I have been checking a couple of times a day for a post from you and was, quite honestly, starting to worry that you were having a tough time. Funny. I don't know you, but I care about you already. Have a loving Christmas... And PLEASE post pics of the no=doubt splendiferous things you have made for people...

    1. I am fine, just not posting as often as I get ready for Christmas - dear husband decided two weeks ago we should paint the kitchen and bathroom.....much longer project than we thought :) but now it looks good!! I hope your days continue to get brighter - for us it is the shortest day of the year and the light is already starting to return. I imagine for you it is the opposite. Have a wonderful Christmas - I care about you too, and I will post pics of the presents and the kissing bug soon!

  4. ...and now I've posted with an error... that was rude of me... sorry

  5. I like the error no equals doubt....hmmm....very profound. lol

  6. Have a Christmas full of love :)


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