Wednesday, December 10, 2014

stripping paint

We have decided to paint our kitchen and bathroom. This week I stripped the paint off the bathroom ceiling. In a weird way this is very satisfying work. I like how sometimes the stripper can get under the paint and huge sheets peel off. Other times I have to work diligently for only a few flakes. Once it was all done the floor was littered with pieces of paint - like a jigsaw puzzle - and we were amazed at how heavy it was once all gathered together in a garbage bag. All the weight that has been over our head all this time.

I liked getting up and down the ladder, scraping until my arm got tired, getting down, sweeping up. It was meditative.

Now there are walls to wash, holes to fill and then paint to buy.

Ack! That is the stress point. What colour?

Then, the actual painting - which I am looking forward to, because then it will almost be done. And once it is done, there is the small matter of re-grouting the tub!

We are carrying on, pushing forward, planning for Christmas, preparing for the future.

You guessed it, this post isn't really about stripping paint.

It is really about getting on with things, being in the moment, anticipating the future.


  1. Redecorating a room breathes new life into a comfortable space. Enjoy the process!

  2. I'm working hard at being in the moment... but I'm not very good at it. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You always have such a wonderful way with words, This post made me think about being in the moment! I am always too much in the past.


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