Friday, December 26, 2014

christmas socks

It is Boxing Day, I had my swim, played with my new tablet all afternoon, and I am listening to my daughter play piano and sing while my husband cooks chili to add to our turkey leftovers.

I knit three pairs of socks for Christmas presents this year, and they were all received joyfully (and they all fit)!

I am proud of myself for finishing in time even though it meant squirreling myself away in my room December 23rd to finish the last sock of the last pair!

I have knit this particular pattern seven times. They are called Tibetan Socks designed by Cat Bordhi and I love knitting them, love wearing them and love gifting them.

They are perfect for yoga, or meditation, camping, or just padding around the house.

I have a blister on my right index finger from powering through the last sock of the last pair.

It was worth it.

I can't be with my children all the time to keep them safe from what life throws at them.

I can make sure they will have warm feet.


  1. Woman can demonstrate no greater love than to give herself wool burn in the creation of Christmas socks... I'm sure Confucius said that at some stage... Or maybe it was Dorothy Parker...

  2. Ps I hope the recipients all did a happy sock dance on opening their gifts

  3. Nice socks :) Glad to see they were well received :)


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