Friday, February 6, 2015

Finished Object Friday - In the Pink

I am still suffering with a migraine so I will make this short.

Two projects finished this week:

The sweater - Ta-Da it fits!

and the shawl:

So now I am back to 'the blanket' even though I have some gorgeous cable socks on the needles, and I have started my teal shawl.

Did you get anything 'finished' this week?

(I wish I was finished with the migraine - just sayin'!)


  1. Wow that jumper is so pretty. Glad that it fitted in the end! That shawl is absolutely stunning, You are so clever with your needles. Hope the migraine soon goes!

  2. Very pretty pink cardigan! The lace detail around the edges is perfect!

    1. Yes, it is a very simple pattern but the lace around the edges really makes it quite elegant.

  3. my earlier comments seem to have disappeared into cyberspace again... as I was saying... the cardy is divine...i'm way to lumpy to wear anything that fitted...but then I don't seem the width of the Atlantic every week ( more like a slug that crosses from the desk to the kettle)...
    and the shawl looks like an extremely stylish butterfly at dawn...

    1. haha, as a teacher I was always on about the to too and two! Your comment seemed cryptic until I realized you meant swim, not seem. Darn autocorrect, eh?

  4. OMG i just used the wrong too
    shoot me now


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