Saturday, February 21, 2015

One row at a time

I just finished these socks.

They were not hard to knit, but there were six different charts to follow. The pattern is a very intricate celtic braid which is difficult to see because of the variegated yarn.

An experienced knitter asked why I was knitting such an intricate pattern with variegated yarn because the pattern would be hard to see.

She doesn't understand why I knit. I know the pattern is there, and I know what it took to make it and I love the yarn.

Some would say it is silly to knit such intricate patterns that go on your feet, inside your shoes.

But I know they are there.

This pattern seemed daunting - I would finish one chart of 30 or so rows, and put up the next 30.

Looking at the whole it seemed impossible, but one line at a time was doable.

One line at a time.

One day at a time.

And now they are on my feet reminding me that I can do complicated things if I just look at one line at a time.

Like so many patterns there is one complicated row, and then a resting row that is more straight forward.

Like swimming laps, one hard, one easy.

Like life.


  1. ..third time lucky! my posts from my phone keep disappearing...
    Fab socks
    Awesome pattern
    Wonderful post
    Thank you.

  2. I love those socks! Yes you are right with the 'one row at a time' metaphor. Thank you :-)

  3. That's true. Often things seem unmanageable until you do them, little tiny step by little tiny step, until they are finally done.


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