Friday, February 27, 2015

Finished Object Friday - it was a close one

Last summer I bought some lovely sock yarn. At 67 grams I realized it wasn't really enough for a pair of socks, and since it was a one off from an independent dyer I put it aside.

Then I decided I wanted to knit this pattern and figured if I shortened the leg to make them ankle socks I could pull it off.

So first sock done.

When I measure how much yarn it took this was what I got:

So then I measure what I had left once I had turned the heel on sock number two:

I then weighed my half finished second sock and the remaining yarn:

Well I don't know how much my stitch markers and circular needle weighed but I figured it was gonna be a nail biter....

I had 4 lace repeats to go before the toe.

After one repeat I had 10 gms left.

After next one - 7 gms.

Then 5 gms

2 gms left and the toe to do.

I got within 5 rows of finishing and could see it wasn't going to end well, but I had a long tail left on my first sock so I added it in and kept knitting.

I was within three rows of finishing the toe, but only had enough left for the Kitchener graft.

I tried it on, and it was good enough for me.

Ta-Da! See? At least 8 inches to spare.

and that makes a pair:

That is how I spent my Friday.



  1. You are a genius.. with faith...
    I spent my Friday in domestic drudgery. Nothing so grand and clever as your day.

    1. Thank you. I knit to avoid domestic drudgery!

  2. How clever you are, both to knit the socks, and also to have managed to work out that you had enough wool to do so! My Friday was work followed by doctors :-(

  3. Oof, that was a close one! I love love love my digital scale, tho! It's great for figuring out if I have enough for a square in my blanket.

    1. oh me too. I think it is the math geek that resides in me. I always want to know how much yarn I used, how much I have left and record it all. It is great for the blankie!

  4. Yarn chicken! This reminds me of knitting my first lace shawl . . . I've been telling everyone the border is SUPPOSED to be smaller than the picture ever since :D

    Gorgeous socks, hurrah!

    1. oh yes,most of my 'mistakes' become 'design elements'!


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