Monday, February 9, 2015

Twenty Five thoughts while swimming

I stole this idea from Michelle of Rubber Shoes in Hell - I don't commute anymore, but today while swimming her post resonated with me and I started my list.

Sometimes when I swim it is meditative and relaxing and wonderful. Today? Not so much.

1. 1:15 Free day at the pool, really? Oh my god, where did all these people come from?

2. 1:15.01 Man this water is cold. I wonder how many lengths I will have to swim till it doesn't feel so cold?

3. 1:20 Wow, this is going quite well. I think I could do an hour swim today. I am so in the groove.

4. 1:24. only 1:24? really? Is that clock right?

5. 1:30 We are in the medium/fast lane people - read the sign - you should be able to do two lengths in 60-90 seconds, not one length. Jeez.

6. 1:31 I think I am having a stroke...Why do my arms feel so tingly? I hope the lifeguard is watching me and not all those kids on the bouncy castle.

7. 1:35 - Man I just hit my head on the wall. Why aren't the flags up? ('cause of the stupid bouncy castle)

8. 1:37 So much for 15 minutes of backstroke I seem to be swallowing half the pool.

9. 1:38 I don't really have to swim for an hour. I could just do my 48 minutes and call it a day.

10. 1:40 What is that woman doing on the pool deck? It looks like she is warming up to throw the shot-put - I bet when she gets in the pool she will be fast!

11. 1:40.01 Nope, wrong about the fast thing.

12. 1:44 - ok backstroke is working better now - man my broken arm hardly clicks anymore.

13. 1:45 - when I look at the ceiling I see a lot of concentric circles - weird cataract surgery phenomena.

14. 1:47 - ok, this is going better - half way and back in the groove.

15. 1:50 how does that guy swim so fast when he is practically dragging his feet along the bottom?

16. 1:55 Free day at the pool? This could mean I might run into ex-students while standing naked in the shower. What to do? What to do?

17. 1:56 Hot tub....I am so going in the hot tub after this.

18. 2:00 hey I might as well go for the hour.

19. 2:01 good idea - I will sprint every other 25 meters.

20. 2:03 No matter how fast I go (or think I am going) my time is always the same - 30 seconds.

21. 2:05 I like this relaxing backstroke to recover from the sprint.

22. 2:06 Note to self - leave more room between you and the other swimmer when doing backstroke. (Second banged head of the day)

23. 2:08 Only seven more minutes - I can do this.

24. 2:10 Man I have to pee. Why do I always have to pee when I swim?

25. 2:12 this is it - One more sprint, and one more cool down lap.

Then I peed and then I had a long soak in the hot-tub, and no ex-students in the change room.

Some days you take what you can get.


  1. I wonder what was the biggest relief? Having a pee, or not seeing any ex-students in the changing room?
    You put me to shame with your fitness, I haven't swam for ages and could probably only manage a couple of lengths!

  2. I can honestly say that the last time I went to a public pool to swim laps was October 16 2000. It was crowded at the pool that day and I left early because the crowd freaked me out. ... When I arrived home the phone was ringing. It was our caseworker to say we had been allocated a baby girl called Shin, Ha-yeong.

    I was thinking how wonderful you are to go swim laps in the freezing cold of your winter just the other day. It was 35 degrees here and I put my bathers on for the first time all summer ... We have a pool ... I was floating around like a rotund seal and congratulating you on your commitment and talent. Go you!!
    And I wouldn't get naked ANYWHERE public as I have let this old body go to fat and truly hate myself for it. You are an inspiration.
    Hope there was no lingering effect from the head bump when you're still recovering from that awful migraine.

    1. I don't have a problem with the naked thing (unless I run into ex students.....cause, well, that would just be awkward...(it has happened, we both pretended we didn't recognize each other).

  3. our municipal swimming pool is so tiny there isn't even lanes...
    I have nothing relevant to say, except it's good to exercize, and it forces me to look at myself in shame. i don't think I have the fortitude to wear a swimsuit in public, but I should walk more, at least, as it is really affordable exercize.

    1. yes, walking is great, I just have always loved the way it feels in the pool - and for a couple of years I had bad plantar fasciitis and walking was too painful - swimming is easy on the joints too.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, that means so much coming from the person I snitched the idea from....;)

  5. Can so relate as a former swimmer. I miss swimming and getting into that headspace. I loved your post, so honest and funny too because that's just how it goes! hehehe

    1. Thanks Jodie! I am happy to report that my latest swim was much less tedious.


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