Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for Justice

Every year, when I taught at our school, the Grade One to Four classes present a play about Saint Michael and the Dragon. It is performed close to the day of Michaelmas at the end of September.

The grade ones played the gnomes who forged the swords and shields.

"We will work
With our will
With our strength
With our skill"

The grade two were the stars that gave their metals to the gnomes.

"Stars stars come to us"

Grade three were the dragon.

Always comical and the school awaited its arrival with great anticipation and joy.

Grade four were the villagers being tormented by the dragon and one grade four student was asked to play Saint Michael who led the villagers into battle, not to slay, but to tame the dragon.

"but one thing I ask
put this dragon to a task"

It is a powerful story.

We all have dragons that must be tamed.

We can't do it alone.

Saint Michael can help us do the right thing.

Saint Michael's sword.

A good representation of justice, I think.


  1. We do all have dragons to tame. I really enjoyed the mini-lesson. What a cute play that must be.

    1. It really is very sweet and poignant and inspiring all at the same time.

  2. So many wonderful inspiring tales, myths, legends, symbols.... I love your storytelling, Mary-Anne . You're the village sage who has a wealth of metaphors with life lessons for us villagers. It's an ancient talent. I'm sure you've been here many times before.

    1. thank you dear Wendy. I do think I have been here a few times....I wonder how many more I get to have?

  3. What a great story and a valuable lesson. We do all need help to tame our dragons. This quilt is a wealth of knowledge and memories that I am loving hearing about.

  4. I totally believe that God provides us with Guardian Angels, both living and unseen and it is by our choice to pick up the "sword" and guard. Something as profound as providing a kind word and a bandage to a small student with a skinned knee, offering stories to make someone smile, to saving people from the misguided, be it themselves or others.

    I love your wonderful blogpost and would have loved to see that cute play! And as to your question of "how many more do you get to have," I believe as many as it is needed. :)

    Hold your sword high and rock on!

    1. thank you so much for your comment. Yes, Guardian angels are there for each one of us.


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