Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Kitchen

So many memories tied up in that pot of soup because it reminds me of the school kitchen where:

In grade three we made enough bread for the whole school to enjoy at our Thanksgiving lunch.

In grade five we did all the dishes for the aforementioned lunch. That was A LOT of dishes.

In grade eight we made the soup - enough for 200 guests. Chopping and stirring and laughing.

In grade eight we also made enough saffron buns for the whole school to enjoy at the Santa Lucia festival.

So many memories tied up in that kitchen, in that soup pot.

Is it any wonder I looked so happy.


  1. Lovely picture, How wonderful that the kids were so involved in the preparation, cooking and cleaning up after the various events.

  2. Oh man I bet they just LOVED the dish washing year!
    Food and family... food and togetherness... such an important life lesson...
    And THANK YOU for a pic... lovely to see you.


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