Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for World

In Grade Four we studied local geography.
In Grade Five - North America (with major focus on Canada!)
In Grade Six - South America
In Grade Seven - Europe and Africa

and by Grade Eight World Geography. The way I presented it that year was through economics. We looked at all the goods we use and where in the world they all come from. Then each student did a project on a product they use and all the people involved in its production.

We had projects on nail polish, cashews, jelly beans, and hemp to name a few.

We put pins into the world map where all our food came from and where the clothes we were wearing originated.

It was very illuminating.

We learned we are world citizens even if we have never left our own neighbourhood.

We learned that by the time we had arrived at school there were many people we had to thank for the food, clothes, transportation and gadgets we had used before 8:20 in the morning.

Now, that is something to think about.


  1. It is amazing how much closer we all are in the world now thanks to some amazing technology. With e-mail, Skype and text we can connect almost anywhere in the world instantly.

  2. What about us down here?? We did we fall off?

  3. haha....I knew you would say that - we learned about the geography of Australia when I taught them the biography of the woman who travelled across your continent with her camels. Plus in grade 8 we cover all the continents in our meteorology block - you definitely weren't forgotten.

  4. Geography and history were my favorite topics in school. I enjoyed reading about these on my own.

  5. Wow! It sounds like this teacher knew what s/he was doing with that last lesson! History and geography in the states is a little different with more focus being on the US and specific states and less emphasis being on everywhere else. I certainly think it's a flaw in the system, but what can you do? Last year I went to Europe for the first time and it was incredibly enlightening for me, because all of a sudden I was able to grasp where certain places were (geography) along with learning more about culture, language… etc… If only every child could have that type of experience at least once in their life!


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