Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for No-Like

Here I am, half way through the A to Z(ed) blogging challenge. My theme is the quilt that my class of eight years made for me when they graduated to attend high school. Each square was made by a student, or their mother, or both!

Ok, I have a pet peeve.

It makes me just this side of crazy when people interject the word 'like' constantly throughout their speech.

So in Grade Four I made up the sign you see depicted in this square.

I also made up individual ones for each student's desk which could be attached by a magnet.

If they used 'like' too often I would put the sign on their desk to remind them.

It was silly, and fun, and every student in the school knew that my classroom was a like-free zone.

N is also for Noah's Ark.

This was our grade three play.

On the night of the performance for the parents the student playing the elephant was too sick to come to school.

I stepped in to play the elephant.

Her line was something to do with elephants never forgetting.

Guess who forget the line?


  1. That's like so cute... ( I'm planning to do teen language for T) ... It's like literally LOL ... I mean... Use like as an interjection... As if!

    1. And fess up... You just pretended to forget the line to get a laugh and upstage all those damn cute kids... I'm onto you

    2. no honest, I practiced and practiced, and just screwed it up (did get a good laugh though) ;)


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