Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Music

Every day started with music as I would play a song on the recorder to signal the class to come to order when the bell had rung to signal the beginning of our day together.

Every day we sang seasonal songs, or songs related to the subject I was teaching.

I taught them to sing in unison, in canon, in rounds, in two, three and four part harmony.

I taught them rhythm and we performed our maori stick games on the big stage in front of a large audience when we were in Grade Two. It was a show stopper.

Music was a large part of every day.

Music was and is a large part of my life.

I love this square because it reminds me of each day I spent with this wonderful class.

At the grade eight graduation they sang for me. It was the song Memories from Cats.

Yes, there were tears.

I was so proud of them that day, and so honoured to have been their teacher for those years.

I met four of them in the hallway a few days ago.

They with their shining eyes, warm hugs and huge smiles.

We are all going to a fundraiser together on Friday night.

And yes, there will be music.

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  1. Music is such an important time in my life too. It can take you back in time in a second to a wonderful memory or event. How wonderful that it was such a large part of school life too, and that you still get to see some of the students you taught it to.


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