Thursday, July 9, 2015

Even my dreams are kicking my ass

I have been having A LOT of anxiety dreams lately.

The kind where you wake up and

a) it takes you a while to convince yourself it was 'just a dream', and

b) your stomach is in a total anxiety knot that takes a few hours to calm the fuck down.

Today's morning dream was:

a: a derelict car (that was mine although I would never drive anything that big) was laying across the road in front of our house blocking traffic.

b: some guy had taken a chain saw to all our trees on the north side of our house, and I kept trying to get his name but couldn't quite make it out.

c: our sump pump (which we don't have) was bubbling up this oozy brown gunky water and the neighbour's grand-daughter was playing in it.

d: the neighbour's son, reached into the ooze and pulled out some weird cog thing and said I needed to replace it and put it all back together (like I would know how to do that).

e: for some reason there was a toilet in my carport that I was sitting on as the neighbours all came over to see what all the commotion was about, and this young boy, who I mistook for my son, was trying to sell me a silver star pin for three dollars. I bought it (after I got off the toilet).

f: I whole bunch of people arrived in my carport trying to give me the pieces of a game that I was planning to re-tool and market. What?

g: I wanted to call the police to report this guy for cutting down my trees, but people kept interfering with me making the call.

h: I noticed, now that the trees were gone, that I had an upstairs to my house I didn't know about and the one half of the shutters were a different colour (pink) than the other half (brown). I knew this was going to be an issue for my neighbours across the street.

i: The dream ended with me saying - 'that's it, we are selling', and my retired real estate agent neighbour saying - 'you probably don't want to do that with your house being as run down as it is'. Ya think? What with the derelict car, broken sump pump, open toilet and hacked off trees?

I might have been dreaming, but I am not stupid.

So that is how my day has started.

In reality, my washing machine is broken.

So, there's that.


  1. Weird but I'm sure if you were really bothered you could make sense of it somehow. I always find if I'm dreaming I'm on the toilet it's because I need to wake up and go!

  2. That was one weird dream. it's almost like you have not got control over things, people chopping down trees, you being unable to make the phone call without being interrupted.
    Then you sitting on the loo in front of everyone, God knows what that is all about!

  3. Absolutely have these kinds of dreams - waking up in a sweat with the heart racing and wondering if the dream is real or not. Glad to hear it's not just me....

  4. I kind of like pink and brown together... Your neighbours need to mind their own damned business ... And your kids still need your support (no shit, Sherlock!?) ... As a totally unqualified dream reader I can sincerely tell you that the message is crystal clear... GO CAMPING... No neighbours/ kids/ cars to worry about and lots of trees way bigger than the ones in your garden. Simple.

    1. ps... Take your phone so you can blog about it or I'll miss you too much!

    2. the best advice ever! You know me, girlfriend!

  5. Weird dream. Today I woke up in a panic because I thought I was at the laundry and that I had forgotten a pen in a cook jacket pocket and it broke the machine. It's maybe the most elaborate dream I'm capable of. I generallly just dream polaroïd-like static scenes, so I have extreme difficulties accepting realistic dreams now that I'm better and that I start having them.
    Hope your anxiety went away.


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