Friday, July 31, 2015

What's your 105?

A woman I know is attempting to swim 105 kilometers this weekend. Last summer she swam 70 kms - and she has been training for the past year. She and her friend entered the water at 4pm today. If you go here you can follow their progress.

Last December she asked people to post their 105s on the website. I signed up for 105 lengths of the pool. That is 41 lengths more than my tri-weekly swims, and will be about twenty minutes longer than my longest swim.

I hoped to do it in about 80 minutes. I was going to hit the water at 4pm to coincide with their start time, but by 2pm the butterflies were getting pretty intense - so my husband suggested I go early.

So we are off....he is coming as my cheering section.

I have a watch with a lap counter that hopefully will work so I don't have to concentrate on not losing count of where I am.

* * *

I am back. I finished the 105 lengths, 52.5 laps, 2625 metres in 1:22.26. The 51 is my time for the last half lap.

I insisted on sushi as a reward - that, and a big glass of water kefir.

It was crowded at the pool, and at times the water was quite turbulent. My lap watch worked great - I could just swim without counting. I kept my stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe rhythm so I could alternate breathing on each side.

There, of course, was the ubiquitous 'guy' who hung out at the end of the lane, never moving, so sometimes the touch and turn was awkward, but I persevered.

By eighty lengths I really had to pee (due in part to the big slug of water I had after 52 lengths) and my upper arms were feeling the effort, but I kept going and the time passed quickly.

By ninety lengths I really had to pee, wishing I was in the ocean because then I could have done just that. In the pool? Not so much.

I had thought it should take me 80 minutes, so I was close. My lap times definitely were slower the last twenty laps, but I am so pleased with the result.

After I finished (and peed) I soaked in the hot tub and had a nice hot shower. Then I had sushi, and then I peed again. (I know, I know, too much information.)

What I accomplished today is nothing to what Susan and Alex are attempting, not to mention, my brother who is swimming one 35km leg of the lake with them.

I am in awe of such determination, skill, and passion.

We all have it in us to do something great. To stretch ourselves. To conquer a fear, or a mountain, or a lake.

Many people have offered to support the swimmers by doing their own version of the 105. Some are cycling 105 km. Some are doing 105 sit-ups. Some are swimming 105 metres.

So, if you were to join in, to let these swimmers know that you support them, how would you challenge yourself?

What's your 105?


  1. Ummm... I dunno... Physical stuff makes me a quivering anxious mess of insecurities... It's one of my biggest demons... Throws me back to dark dark places... I have become so overweight that I am now uncomfortable in my body... So I guess .... Maybe... Perhaps... Whst about putting my long disused treadmill to use for 105 days in a row ? Nup... Never gonna happen... Setting myself up to fail... 150 minutes on it ? Sounds pathetic... Nope... I really dunno

    1. 105 walks around your beautiful property. 105 hugs for your children and husband. 105 words that describe how awesome you are.

  2. Congratulations on finishing, but also on having the courage to start! I don't have a '105' in mind...yet. but now you've got me thinking!

    1. I am sure you will come up with something wonderful.

  3. Well done! You are so amazing, I know I couldn't do that as much as I love swimming.
    I feel the same about physical exercise as Wendy does, so for me it would have to be something to do with words also! :-)

  4. Maybe I could try to do the text without the letter e challenge with 105 words. Thinking about it. Wikipedia says Es are 15% of all letters in the french language, even more than in English, where it's about 13%, so it would be quite a challenge.

    1. wow - that is setting the bar high - but I bet you could totally do it.


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