Tuesday, January 15, 2019

On turning 30

Today I got to gaze at my daughter as she gazed at her daughter. 

I have been her mother for 30 years.  As of today.  And we spent the day in her new home country.

She had her first child just before her 30th birthday.  So did I.

Something we now share in common. 

It has become a 'thing' that I write something about her on her birthday. 

So her goes:

On turning 30    (my apologies to Billy Collins)

Arriving as the blizzard ensued
Stopping traffic in the big city
But not stopping you.

You came - into my life
into your dad's life
a shining angel
of light and joy.

You charmed me with
your smiles and intensity
My velcro baby who wanted her mum
and only her mum.

A Capricorn
Just like your daughter
Destined to want independence early.

Just like you.
Just like your Oma
Just like your Grandfather
Just like your Great-Grandmother

Ah yes, You know what it will be
to raise a Capricorn daughter.
and I will try to help with the
few lessons I learned:

Listen to her sixth sense
Trust her intuition
Believe her when she says it is time to move on
Let her go.

Tell her the truth
Be honest
Be there
Even when it is hard and every ounce of you wants to hide yourself away.

I have treasured the times when we are sitting and talking or walking in easy companionship.When we have shared tears, and fears and truths.

Your daughter is lucky to have you
and the bond between you two will be unbreakable.

30: wife, mother, seeker of soul
striving to understand your universal spirit

You are well on your way
having learned more about yourself in the last 30 years
then I have about myself in the last 63.

I will share with you and your daughter things I have learned
And you will teach me
And you will teach your daughter
And your daughter will teach me.

The circle of life.


I look forward to reading the comments. It makes me feel like I am not jut posting into the void.