Sunday, January 6, 2019

Yopping Update #27 - the old and the new

Where to begin?

How about this?

The hat she is wearing was knit by my aunt many years ago and my sister found it among my aunt's things while we were cleaning out her house.  My aunt never 'finished' a baby knit until the baby was born.  This hat was knit, but not sewn up.  I brought it with me to Croatia and once Layla was born I sewed it up and brought it to the hospital for her to wear home.  How special is that?

She is now ten days old and her grandpa (djedi) and I (baka) can just gaze at her for hours.   I have even got a few cuddles in, although like her mother, Layla is a momma's girl.  

I have been knitting and we finally celebrated Christmas on January 1 so I can show you some knits that have been under wraps.  

Two Zodiac potholders - double knit of course, from hemp.  One for baby - 

and one for her daddy (tata)

I finished two more Simpy Knitting Kits:

and then I knit this little guy out of scraps I had left over.  It was fun to learn the loop stitch:

I started a hemp dish towel for me, but it isn't finished yet because I decided to knit my grand-daughter some mitts.  These are my own pattern made with leftover yarn from my Hitchhiker.

I have been walking a lot here - about an hour a day most days.  

Here is the view on my walks along the seawall:

and then of course on January 1, I had to take a dip in the sea for prosperity's sake:

If you want to see a video of the event you can check it out on my instagram feed @breathinglife1680

We have been eating amazing meals - our son-in-law is an excellent cook and I have been sleeping in every day until 10ish (ok, sometimes 11ish).  

Bura was blowing on Wednesday and Thursday and it was cccooolllllllldddddd (-1C) , but when Bura blows the sea is the most amazing colour.

I am glad that on January 1st when I dipped in the sea the air was about 13C.  The sea was colder - probably around 10 degrees.  I am sure glad Bura wasn't blowing for that adventure.  

Yesterday on my walk I came upon these Roman ruins:

and then this blooming cactus:

It is hard to believe we have been here a month already and in less than three weeks we head home. 

New Year's Eve was amazing - we went down to the sea at midnight and the whole of Split and Kastel was awash in fireworks, not to mention the ones being set off right over our heads.  

Then last night we heard a commotion and there was a wedding happening right below our balcony in the church square - more fireworks, music, and singing.  It was so joyous.  

So that is my week of adventures. 

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  1. What a wonderful week. Your makes are perfect an finishing and gifting the hat is lovely. Enjoy your hugs.

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful! I was in Croatia in 1987, before the civil war. I spent 2 months in Jasterbarsko, outside of Zagreb. I loved the country!

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful little girl! Those mittens for her look so tiny! I'm glad you're having such a fun time. Just the other day, Steve and I planned a motorcycle trip to Croatia (not that we're going anytime soon but we just love to plan and dream and look for interesting places to travel and explore), and here you are fuelling my imagination. :-))

  4. That baby girl is precious. And what a wonderful heirloom that hat is. Loving the double knit potholders. You do so well with those. The little mittens are so sweet too. I love the mouse you made as well as the hedgehog. Enjoy your remaining time with the baby and your Daughter.

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  6. I'm happy that You are happy. Cute itty-bitty mittens!

  7. Swimsuit on a beach in this weather? Okay, maybe 13C isn't that cold (yes, it is)........but, I suppose if it's that kind of weather and I'd just come from cold and snowy land, I'd probably do it, too (says the girl that just came back to California, where we have rain and temps around 15.5C, from Wisconsin, where it was below 0C and snowing).

  8. What a wonderful time you are having. Those mittens are super cute and I love the story about the baby hat. We saw some people swimming in the sea today in the North of Scotland, I think it was only about 6C here...too cold for me.

  9. Lovely name! And she is gorgeous. I can't decide if you are brave or mad to swim in the sea at this time of year. Probably a bit of both lol.

  10. Mary-Anne it sounds like you are having the most amazing time and while all the makes are beautiful I was hoping we were going to have a picture of the baby and I'm delighted to see her and you and how precious is that hat, I love the thought behind it. Lastly what a really gorgeous name!

  11. What cute projects you knitted while waiting for baby. I am so heart-warmed as I read these posts. Your happy heart is coming through in your words and pictures. Go you - swimming in the sea! You inspire me, Mary-Anne.

  12. What a beautiful week and so many things made. Glad you are still getting your swimming in too. Live it up. Joyous indeed! xx

  13. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! And what a cutie your granddaughter is! I love you little mouse, and the hedgehog!

  14. How wonderful that you get to cuddle with your granddaughter. What a beautiful country and aren't you the brave one! Brrrr! Roman fascinating is that? The hat is lovely and I adore the hedgehog! Too cute!!! Enjoy the rest of your time there....I'm sure it will speed by and most of all enjoy that new baby!
    P.S. Love your gifts that you made...double knitting....another thing I have never done. You are inspiring!

  15. Wow, congratulations! Your granddaughter is beautiful!
    I love the little hedgehog! That is super cute. Seeing the little baby gloves just made me squee inside. How adorable.

  16. I like how you're out and about and getting your baby fix.


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