Sunday, March 10, 2019

Yopping Update #36 - One row at a time

Hmmm.  It has been an interesting week.  I have done something to aggravate my rotator cuff so swimming is out, and I can only knit for about an hour before my arm starts to ache.   What?

I know, right?  

I still was able to finish another four squares on my Hearts and Diamonds KAL blanket.  I can manage about 1/2 square per evening.  

I am in withdrawal people!!

I am making slow progress on my fisherman's sweater.  After the ribbing I needed to get very organized for the charts and cables so I colour coded both the pattern and the stitch markers so I can keep track of which chart is which.  I am managing about two rows per evening before my arm flairs up.   

Arg!!!!   I am in serious withdrawal...  (oops I already said that). 

'Cause I am!!

On Thursday it snowed.  A lot.  I couldn't get to my Croatian lesson so I worked on my taxes instead.   
I sent my daughter a video of the fat snowflakes falling outside my window and she commented on how beautiful it was.  

My response?  


I have been out of sorts since Wednesday.  I blamed the new moon,  but I am still feeling off so I think it is something else.  Pain makes me grumpy.  Not being able to knit makes me grumpy. Not being able to swim?  You got it.  Grumpy.  (Also owing money on my taxes.  grrrr).

Lent started on Wednesday.  I have given up facebook and instagram and chocolate chip cookies. The Pope suggested people give up gossiping for Lent.  I think that is a wonderful idea.  And not just during Lent - but for always.  I am not Catholic, at least not with a capital C, but I can get behind the no gossiping thing.  I try, and there is always room for improvement.  

I have been studying my Croatian more each day and I am feeling good about my progress.  My coffee table which is usually covered with knitting is currently covered with flashcards.  

I am glad for the progress, but I am hoping my massage therapy appointment on Tuesday helps get me back to my knitting and swimming sooner rather than later.  

This coming week I am subbing two days as the handwork teacher, and I have two days of observations and mentoring some new teachers.  

And the clocks have gone ahead.  You know SPRUNG ahead.  Hopefully Spring isn't far behind.  

To follow other yoppers whom I am sure have more progress to show than I do check out their posts here. 


  1. I am so glad we live where there is no daylight savings time. I can not imagine not being able to knit or crochet. I would be super grumpy too. Saying prayers your message helps your shoulder.

  2. Oh goodness, I hope your shoulder improves, how frustrating not being able to do things that help you relax and bring you joy. After the warmest February since records began in the UK we had snow today too! Our clocks don’t go forward until the end of March. I am not catholic but every year I think of giving something up for lent and always fail. Gossiping I can definitely give up (mostly because I’m a hermit who doesn’t really speak to anyone except my husband and pets) so I will join you.

  3. I'm chuckling at Liz's comments above. After being something of a hermit this winter, I'm busting out now that it's March. But no-gossiping is a worthy goal - for always. Thanks for the reminder. :) I hope you get to feeling better soon. It's completely understandable that you're feeling grumpy. A girl's gotta knit!

  4. I hope you're shoulder's feeling better and you're getting over the grumpies. But not being able to knit is grump-worthy. LOL on the giving up gossip for Lent. Better than giving up chocolate.

  5. Wishing you are soon pain free and healed.
    I think mayb e it's been a grumpy week all around. All three of us here are seriously sans gruntle.
    Hope the sun is soon shining for you again.

  6. I get the withdrawal symptoms and being grumpy, when I'm in pain I'm also grumpy and a general pita so I hope you can get back to it sooner rather than later and well done on still making progress!

  7. I'm sorry you're in pain. I hope you heal soon.
    I am tired; I slept 5 hours and then had trouble going to sleep. We now have sun and there is no more rain for now in the forecast. This weekend we're supposed to have low 70's!

  8. Hey Grumpy Girl! It's ok to grump a little when things aren't going smoothly. Better out than in but I hope you can feel more settled soon.

    The rotator cuff sounds painful. I've recently reviewed my physiotherapy because I'm getting out with my chair so much I want to be safe with my exercise and not shred my shoulders at the same time. I've got a specific exercise now to build up the shoulder and upper back to prevent rotor cuff damage. I'm so sorry that yours is troubling you. It's very serious if you can't knit and you have my sympathies for the agonies of withdrawal.

    Good luck with the massage. Wouldn't it be good if, instead of sending a message through the internet, we could send a massage? Wishing you the strength to stay sane through the craft withdrawals and may your injury heal as quickly as possible. Take it easy! xx

  9. PS I know why the Pope wants people to give up gossip for lent - because there is a lot to gossip about regarding some unsavoury behaviour by members of the church around the world. I'm sure they would want nothing more than to sweep it under the carpet - hence no gossiping!

  10. I am so sorry for your pain....I get twinges every now and then but I only knit on 'breaks' from other things but I think if I knit for long periods of time it would start to really bother me. I'm a 'thrower' and I should probably learn another technique. I get twinges with crochet too. Crochet is worse than the knitting. Let's face it...I can't do any one thing for very long. Not only did you give things up for Lent but you were forced to give up other things too!
    I am ashamed to say this but I always thought that gossip was saying untrue things about something or someone but that stating facts was alright. But someone corrected me and said that gossip is anytime you say something that isn't nice regardless if it's true or not.....I'm in big trouble! My Mother always said "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."
    I hope things look up for you soon and you heal so you can knit and 'do all the things'!

  11. I hope your arms are feeling better, I can't imagine not being able to knit. Your fisherman's jumper is going to be lovely.


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