Sunday, June 30, 2019

Yopping Update #52 - It's a wrap in rhyme

Year number eight is over and done
50 projects and most of them fun.

I posted every week not missing one
and kept up on the other yoppers'  fun.

Two blankets were finished, a crochet and a knit
Quite a feat to make all the squares fit!

Four shawls made this year, one while away
This Hitchhiker made with pride I'd say

Two of the shawls with vintage yarn  given to me
and the first with found yarn from a store that was free.

Onto the zodiac, a rat, dog and ox
All made as gifts, wrapped up in a box

Three basket weave dish cloths - one made with a hook
and two little scrubbies to clean up after the cook.

One emerald green sweater was made just for me
and three little ornaments to hang on our tree

Of course dear little grand-daughter received many hand knits
All made from my stash or from magazine kits.

Some soakers, a onesie and a cross over top
 A hoodie, some booties, I just couldn't stop.

There was one pair of socks and two pairs of mittens
(did I mention in Croatia I saw lots of kittens?)

A hedgehog, some sheep, and rocky raccoon
and Christmas tree ornaments not a moment too soon.

Elephants and owls and one noel mouse
plus a tape measure cover for my dear daughter's house

A sunflower bookmark to keep one's place
And one more little flower to brighten the space

Of course I knit socks 'cause that's what I do
One pair for me and my dear husband too

Then there were these taxi socks made for my son
I designed them myself, my very first one

One amigurumi monkey, I had planned to do
but he was so cute, I had to make two

 I knit and felt slippers, a first time for me
They fit like a glove, so I am happy you see.

This year while dealing with a very sore arm
I couldn't knit for months to save me more harm

Now that diagnosis could have spelled doom
But look, I made curtains for my bedroom!

So that is my wrap up - all done in rhyme
No rest for me, there just isn't time.

Tomorrow Year Nine starts - my list is all done
Things to knit and fibre to be spun!

One more thing I have to shout out loud
As a grandmother I am so very proud.

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These yopping friends of mine are all very dear.


  1. OMG!!!!! I smiled all the way through your post. And of course the last photo made my smile the biggest! Mary-Anne, you have accomplished so much this year. With your shoulder issues, you still managed to keep crafting in one way or the other. Traveling overseas did not slow you down either. I so enjoyed reading all of your posts. Looking forward to next year with you.

  2. Oh what a lovely surprise to find your wrap up post in rhyme. I read it all first and then went back to look at the photos and read it again. Wow your granddaughter is such a cutie, sitting up already! A wonderful post and so many lovely projects finished. My personal favourites are your monkeys, the rainbow hitchhiker and the blanket with the hearts and diamonds.

  3. Scrolling through the posts in the YOP thread and seeing that your update was done in rhyme, I had to come visit you first. What a fun post. Love your rhyming skills. :) I love seeing all your lovely and fun creations, Mary-Anne. And the final picture of your beautiful granddaughter is a great way to finish it off. Thank you for sharing your life and creations with us.

  4. How wonderful! I love this - you have accomplished so much and all with your injury. You have taken every thing this year with gusto and I have loved reading about it. Your granddaughter is darling.

  5. Mary-Anne that has been the most fun post to read! I loved it all and was smiling throughout. Also look at all you got done but what I love even more is that when your arm got sore and it limited your knitting time you worked around that to find other ways to craft with the limitations you had...I always think the measure of us is not just the problems we have but our approach and how we handle them and you've been an inspiration on this front.
    Now how utterly adorable is your granddaughter! OMG!!

  6. ^__^ Love your granddaughter in her tutu! Your 2018 dishcloth really stood out to me. It's awesome. It's kitten season here and the shelter has put out calls for foster families.

  7. Oh! How fun was reading this? You accomplished so much in spite of having an injury. Your Granddaughter is a dolly--and isn't being a Mimi the best?! I am looking forward to joining the fun with this group again for year nine.


  8. Cute! Congratulations on such a big amazing year for you.


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