Thursday, September 12, 2019

Death is here

Death is in this room
The candle is flickering
The air cool
It is quiet

Death is in this room
A sunflower turns its face
The cat looks expectantly
A frog sings from the log pile

Death is in this room
Memories arise
Some laughter
and tears

Death is in this room
A hug, a few words
A touch, a primal sob
Mostly it is silent

Death is in this room
Not fear
Not emptiness
Not nothing

Death is in this room
You are not
You are heading home
We are not

Written for Arnold Grimm on his passing, September 10, 2019


  1. A poignant pause in the day.
    I love your creative writing, Mary-Anne.
    Sorry for the occasion.

  2. So very sad. So young. I like the photo montage put together for his notice.

  3. Even though I wish you'd added one word with three letters at the end: "yet," this is beautiful. My condolences and love wing their way to you.

  4. The fifth stanza. That struck me as so true and profound. Thank you for sharing your writing here, Mary-Anne. And thank you for sharing your heart.


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