Sunday, January 3, 2021

Yopping Update #27 - Ready for Pride


Happy New Year.  I am ready for 2021 having celebrated its arrival with a very cold dip in the 7 degree Celsius ocean waters near my house.  It. Was. Cold.  A wonderful way to embrace the new year. 

I gave myself the twelve days of Christmas to finish my Rainbow Pride spin, but then I realized that it would be possible to finish it by December 31, and then I could apply the yardage to my stashdown.  I was off and running. (Well spinning)  On the 30th I spun most of the day to finish the last few ounces, and then I plied it all.  I ended up with 172 gms of 3ply yarn - probably sport weight - 364 meters!

Now to find the perfect pattern - and then I will be ready for Pride 2021.

On the knitting front I worked on all the pieces for my Topsy/Turvy Doll.  As of last night (and 15 little pink flowers later) I was done.

So now the sewing together starts - oh joy!  I am changing the pattern to have both the Cinderella as servant doll and the Cinderella at the Ball doll to both have happy faces, and to both have brown hair.  It doesn't make sense to me that when she gets ready for the ball she is suddenly blonde!  Okay, enough - off my soap box now.  (Although I don't think making the Cinderella before the Ball as constantly sad was a good choice either). 

After finishing the knitting, I catalogued all my remaining Brava Sport so I know what I have for my next baby blanket.  

And, drum roll please....after finishing the knitting for the Dolls, finishing my spinning, and going through my stash and picking out some cotton I wanted to donate I.....made my stashdown goals for 2020.  I didn't buy any new fibre so I got my fibre tiara, and I used up 13,300 yards of yarn so I got my yardage tiara (the goal was 13,200 yards).  I actually knit or crocheted much more because I had to take into account my online wool orders.  

I also am happy to report that both parcels finally arrived at their destinations.  My son's just before Christmas, and my daughter's just before New Years.  Hooray.  

We celebrated the New Year three times.  Once Croatian time, then Edmonton time, and finally in our own time zone.  Three times the fun. Some bugling, some pot banging and a wee bit of sparkling white wine along with some lox and cream cheese.  On New Year's Day our son once again joined us for dinner via skype.  It was a different Christmas and New Year but it was lovely all the same. 

Dear Grand-daughter turned two - and I am sure she thinks Christmas just rolls into Birthday and then into New Year celebrations.  I am glad that we got to be a part of it all thanks to technology. 

So here we are - the beginning of a new year, half way through a Year of Projects, and hoping and praying that this year will be safer and healthier and that once the vaccines are more accessible we can travel to loved ones and hold them tight. 

Unless of course....

Just kidding!


  1. Your Pride yarn is freaking gorgeous!! I swear I'm dying down here it's so pretty. Can't even imagine how fun it will be to make something with it.

    Glad to hear you got to celebrate New Years 3 times via video. We were just alone. Pretty pathetic but then that's the way we "celebrate" every year. I'm hoping next year I'll be able to enjoy the fireworks that are typical of a Florida celebration (we don't do fireworks at New Years in Ohio - too freaking cold!!)

  2. How fun that you celebrated the New Year 3 times. And I forgot about your bugling and pot banging! You're the fun gal I wish I was. Your rainbow yarn is just beautiful, and I can't wait to see your Cinderella doll finished. I love all your knitted softee creations. You make them look effortless. Happy New Year, friend!

  3. Oh my goodness, that would really annoy me too that the Cinderella turns blonde when she’s ready for the ball. I love when Dax talks about fairytales and how he tells his kids that somethings are a bit strange like the prince kissing sleeping beauty when she is asleep and without permission. I hadn’t twigged just how crazy some of them are. I’ve got off topic lol... your handspun looks lovely and you’ve done a great job chain plying it to keep the rainbow so clear. Going for a new year’s dip...ooh you are brave and full of life and 3 New Years celebrated. You have more energy than my 48 year old body can muster. Happy new year, may it bring you a safe trip to Croatia as soon as possible.

  4. Well done on hitting your targets. I'm glad you are able to keep in touch with your family and yes let's hope this year we will finally be able to give them the hugs we've missed so much this year. Happy New Year!

  5. What a fun and productive holiday(s) you've had! I can't wait to see the doll. I love your yarn for pride month! I plan on doing something this will be my first. My mother always said cold water is great for your circulation and it also closes your pores. I'm so glad you got to celebrate with your family via video. Enjoy the calm after the storm now! LOL!

  6. I am sitting here shivering thinking about your new years plunge into cold water. You are a brave soul. I wish people here would play bugles and bang pots instead of shooting off fireworks. It would not last as long (6 hours this year) Your yarn is very pretty and bright. Good job on meeting your yardage goals. Now, the topsy-turvy doll.....I always have loved them. Will this one go to your Grand daughter? How can she be 2 already? Goodness. I am anxiously waiting for this vaccine to make it to my group. I want to 'live' again!

  7. It sounds as though you have had a lovely holiday, I can't believe your granddaughter is 2!

  8. Awesome job completing your yarn stash-down goals!! Thats a huge accomplishment. Also, WOW, a whole year without buying yarn? That sounds impossible to me- I have baby step goals to go a 3 non-consecutive MONTHS without buying yarn!
    Glad your New Year's was great!

    1. A whole year of buying no fibre to spin - I did buy yarn, but used it so still reduced my stash by 13,300 yards.


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