Sunday, June 7, 2015

The bouncing ball is on its way up

From where I was a week ago, things are definitely moving in the right direction

I can eat. (Hooray)

I am having more good moments than bad. (Cheering loudly)

I washed windows. (What?)

I saw my counsellor. (And just when I though I had no more tears left).

My craft room has never looked so organized - and I have two boxes for goodwill (Those two thoughts aren't really connected, it is just that the goodwill boxes are living in my craft room.)

I swam a mile, outdoors, in salt water. (In the sun, no less).

I have been repeating the 23rd psalm over and over. (My new mantra - which is better than "Everything sucks")

I have had a whole day without a stomach ache. (Oh my God, maybe I just jinxed this because I have a few hours until bedtime)

I have been experiencing all these strange connections with books, both fact and fiction, about Mary Magdalene - and now am reading voraciously about her and her life. (Not sure why this is important in my healing, but I know it is)

Thank you to all who have been in my corner - it matters.

God Bless you all.


  1. Mary Magdalene has been showing up in my artwork and my thoughts. I wonder what's going on in our lives that she has become important to you and I. If not important, at least interesting.

    23rd Psalm is more encouraging for sure, especially when really truly sucks! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and this season of healing/renewal. xo Carole

  2. You definitely sound more up than down in this post. Hope it continues that way.

  3. I am so pleased that you are started to heal again Mary-Anne. xx

  4. Perhaps Mary Magdalene is your guardian angel. I believe hers is a story of female strength, in all its forms.
    Welcome back. Xxx

    1. Yes, there is something powerful there - something helping be reconnect to my faith, for sure.

  5. Crawling your way out of depression is the hardest of hard work. Glad to see you're finding your way. xox

    (Also, speaking of Mary Magdalene: this is a lovely book that mentions her (among other women) in such a lovely way.

    1. thank you for the book idea. I have bookmarked it for when I finish the two on my bedside table.


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