Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chapter Seven - The Grand Children

excerpt from Chapter 7....still with me?

They went in the hot tub, the river, the whirl pool and the kiddie pool. 
No wonder she was so sore today – her core muscles were achy.  It was a good ache though. 
She played cards and checkers, watch a movie and ate popcorn.  Chatted and listened.  Hugged as both the hugger and the huggee.
As she headed home she thought of how much she loved being loved by that family. 
It made her glad that the 30th wasn’t for another twenty-three days.  She would get another visit before she left. 
If she left. 
Her resolved was still there, and for good reason, but she had waffled before. 
Not.  This.  Time. 

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