Monday, November 16, 2015

Nanowrimo - A Fairy Tale

My protagonist wrote a fairy tale today.  I think that means I wrote a fairy tale today.  Here is an excerpt:

One fairy night a herd of unicorn came to the shore of that ocean, and with great courage the leader stepped into an empty scow and this action set the boat drifting out into the waters.  The herd gathered on the shore, powerless to stop their leader slipping away.  There was much consternation among them, but despite their anxiety they were powerless to help.
In their confusion the herd started to move in a circle counter clockwise.  It was as if they were forming a carousel.  They felt trapped, confined, leaderless.  As they circled, wherever their hooves touched the earth a yellow trillium would spring up. 
As they circled around and around the trilliums grew thicker and thicker which slowed and slowed their forward progress.  It became harder and harder to lift their hooves and place them.  Soon they were stopped.  Held fast by the thicket of trilliums. 
 Frozen in time and space.  Their leader still drifting out in the ocean.   

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