Monday, November 30, 2015

Nanowrimo - 30 Days hath November

I did it - I wrote a novel this month - 50371 words.  Now the fun of editing begins. 

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 30:

It had all started with White Rabbit, and her belief that two words could help her.  And maybe it had.  After all, she had said those two words, and look how far she had come this month.  She had even reduced those pink and grey pills to half the dose, and except for that migraine earlier in the month she had felt strong and healthy these past thirty days.

She had done the whole ruchshau submerged under the water.  She never could do it ‘properly’.  She started to go backwards in order but then the month had come flooding back on her.  She had been submerged for some time, her lungs were aching, it would be so simple to just inhale a teaspoon of water.

Her husband had been calling and calling her that the coffee was ready.  He finally tapped on the door, a little panicked.  She heard his voice.  She loved his voice.  She always had.  She often joked with him that if they were separated he just needed to call her on the phone, and she would fall in love all over again.

She came up out of the water with a huge intake of air.  Like a newborn taking that first breath immediately after birth.  She assured him she was fine, and would be out shortly.
She stood up and started the shower, not for once feeling guilty about how much water she was using this morning. 

She thought of that poem:
30 days hath November,
April June and September,
All the rest have 31
Excepting February with 28 days clear
And 29 on every leap year.

Except she had started it wrong – she had said 30 days hath November.
It really went '30 days hath September'.but the way she recited it was perfect, for today. 

30 days.

She had come so far in these 30 days.

And when she woke up tomorrow morning she knew exactly what her first two words would be. 

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  1. Well done - you must be so proud of yourself. A great achievement.


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