Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nanowrimo - Full Moon

42,278 - I am totally doing this.  Here is today's excerpt:

She had a long nap – unusual for her – but the last two days had been exhausting. 
The moon rise was beautiful and when it topped the trees she started to gather what she needed for this ritual she had researched.
She set a blanket outside on the back deck.  She placed a new beeswax candle in the centre of the blanket.  She took a crystal bowl from the cupboard and filled it with cold water. She took an empty bowl outside with her and placed both bowls on the blanket in front on the candle. 
She lit the candle and sat cross-legged in front of the bowls and candle, the light of the full moon shone down on her. 
She took the crumpled post-it note and smoothed it out on the ground in front of her. 
She wrote November 25, 2015 in her best cursive hand.  She wanted this to be legible. 
She signed her name – first, middle, last.
She breathed deeply and said “I now let this go.  And it is so.”
She picked up the crumpled paper and held the corner into the candle flame.  The post-it note caught quickly and she placed it in the empty bowl – watching the flame, and smoke and ash float up into the night sky.  The paper had ignited quickly, and burned hot, disintegrating completely.  She thought to herself that this was a good omen.  A good omen indeed. 
She then placed both her hands in the cool water and rinsed them, allowing the cold night air to penetrate her skin and yet she didn’t shiver.
She placed her hands palms up on her knees and breathed deeply.  She sat meditating and watched the candle flame for some time before closing her eyes and continuing to focus on her breathing. 
The night air grew colder and the moonshine moved off of the deck and into the neighbouring yard.
The cat padded quietly up to her and rubbed against her back.  It was time to go in. 
There was still time before the end of the month.  Still time to see if she had truly let go of that which no longer served her. 

Is it true? Did it no longer serve her?  She thought so. She hoped so.  But she didn’t really know.  

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