Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Cards

This is the first Christmas Card I received this year. So lovely. 

Some years I send them

Some years I don't

I always love getting them

And displaying them above the mantel over the fireplace. 

It was my job to put the display the Christmas Cards on the front door of my family home. 

This year I am sending cards

To those near and those far

Not to everyone, but to the ones I need to reach out to and hear from. 

I rummaged through my card box and found a couple of dozen cards - an eclectic bunch. 

Today I also bought the ingredients for a Christmas care parcel that needs to travel across the world.

I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt. 

It was good to get the Christmas ball rolling. 

My mantra for this year is simplicity, and calm, and peace. 

So I knit another ripple on my Peace Shawl.

I will add a few more rows to my Dying of the Light Shawl.

I will start a new colour on my Spice Market shawl. 

Mostly I will sit quietly, breathing deeply.

I have been dizzy today, and I need to move slowly, and keep my equilibrium. 


And Metaphorically. 

Blessings to you all on this third day of Advent. 


  1. Simplicity calm and peace - nice mantra

  2. In Australia, Christmas is time for open doors to allow cooling breezes. So as much as I love a forest of cards on the sideboard, I pin them to ribbon. As much as I love those shiny tiny pegs and twisted gold braid display string, the cards end up all wonky and twisted.
    I shall miss receiving cards this year. Our address in Greenwich is an irrelevance to mostly everyone I know.
    I guess I might get some emails. But nothing will arrive in the letterbox to make me smile.

    1. It could if you sent me your address! pm me on facebook!

  3. I am an expat with most of my family and friends abroad, so we only receive about eight Christmas cards each year. It costs $1.60 for each stamp to mail a card home, which inspired us to create a few photos to share instead. But my son draws our 'card' design each year and we love that tradition.


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