Sunday, December 3, 2017

Yopping Update 23 - Peace

Today is the first day of Advent and I have set up my Advent wreath to begin the season.

In the first candle of Advent shines
The light of the crystals in the mines,
The rocks, the jewels, the precious stones,
The oceans’ seashells, and even our bones.
Now the stones are on the Earth,
Waiting for the Christ Child’s birth. 

I have decided to post everyday through Advent as a way to stay calm during this season that can easily become fraught with too much sensory overload, and not enough peace.

Speaking of Peace - Friday marked the first day of Project Peace 2017 and many many knitters around the world are knitting the same beautiful shawl pattern that represents the ripples and waves we send out into the world when we practice Peace.

I didn't start mine on Friday because I wanted to get my Spice Market shawl back to where I was when I frogged those 106 rows last week.    And I did!


Last night I started my Peace shawl.  I got to ripple nine and I am loving this pattern.  With every ripple I knit I am sending peace out to a loved one and I am adding their name beside the ripple on the pattern. 

I am knitting with Sport weight yarn and 3.75 mm needles.   I am starting with the colourway called Blue Fog.  It shows up quite grey in the photo, but it does have a lovely blue tinge to it.  It represents the sand and the shoreline on a foggy day.   Then when I get to the lace I will change to a light blue - to represent the waves lapping on the shore, and then finish it with a darker blue for the deeper ocean.

I think it is going to be beautiful.  The wool I am using was the gift I received from my knitterley friend who moved yesterday and gave out yarn at the last knit group she attended.  She didn't want to move ALL her stash so it will be lovely to have this shawl to remember her and her generosity.

Dying of the Light and the mini-sweater were on hiatus this week because I really wanted to get Spice Market back on track.

So I will be back here tomorrow for another Advent post.  Please join me.

Let there be Peace on Earth
And Let it Begin with Me.


  1. Beautiful - both shawls are gorgeous. The colours in your peace shawl will be perfect.

  2. I loved the Advent verse. I need to find my advent wreath yet. Thanks for the reminder. I think your peace shawl will be lovely. Congrats on getting your spice market back up to speed. Also, congrats on all you did las month on your book editing.

  3. Your advent wreath and candles are so pretty. You remind me to get mine out. I haven't done much leading up to Christmas for years, but this year I do want to be more intentional about this season. Now if I can just remember where I stored it... I love the Project Peace shawl. Just beautiful.

  4. I love how your knitting connects you to the universe in so many ways.

  5. I love the advent verse! Thank you for the reminder to be more mindful during Advent this year. It gets so busy the reminder is more then welcome. :)

    And the colours for your peace shawl sound wonderful!


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