Monday, December 4, 2017

In the presence of Grace

In the quiet and calm....

Words from the song I posted about a few days ago. 

It is Monday, the second day of Advent.  I have lit the advent wreath and I am getting going with my day. 

My anxiety is a little obnoxious today, but once I meet the deadline and write up the evaluation I did last week then I can go for a swim and those two things will help ease my fluttery stomach. 

Tonight I am going to dinner and a symphony concert with two friends.  The Vancouver Symphony is performing a tribute to Prince, so of course I am going!

A friend of mine posted yesterday about Hope, and whether it ever is gone.  I don't believe it is ever gone, but sometimes it hides from me, from us.

I do believe so strongly in Grace.  By the Grace of God, or whatever you believe is Holy, I can find my way back to Hope. 

I am knitting my Peace shawl and I am up to ripple 11.  The ripples get farther and farther apart as the shawl progresses - just like the ripples each of us send out into the world.  As I knit today's ripple I will dedicate it to Prince and all he meant and still means to so many.  Here is a youtube of him singing my favourite song, The Cross.

Today's Project Peace post was on Snowflakes, and how individual each one is, but then how they come together and cover us like a blanket of Peace. 

So for today, the second day of Advent, I wish you Peace, and Grace and Hope. 

And a little Prince!

Blessings on your day.

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