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Thursday, January 29, 2015


I have been nominated by Edwina's Episodes for a blogging award and it is a bit daunting.

I am thankful for the acknowledgement, but the melancholic in me does not want to appear to be bragging. 'Cause then no one will like me.
And for a melancholic there is nothing worse than feeling you are not liked.

Who do I like? All the blogs listed on the right side of page. If your blog is listed there then consider yourself nominated. I love you all that much, otherwise I wouldn't be following you! Today I will give specific shout outs to:

North of 49
Sheep to Frog
Project Project
Hummingbird Redemption

I never thought of myself as versatile in my blogging but I suppose because sometimes it is poetry, and sometimes pictures, sometimes knitting, and sometimes self-indulgent whining that it would count as versatile.

My sister says I blog as if my life depends on it, and it does. I swim for the same reason. And knit, I knit for hours a day, so it is fair to say my life depends on that too.

My life depends on many things, and when I get into something I don't go half way. Nope, that is not my style. I jump in with both feet, usually in the deep end.

This often means treading water.

Or heading for the shallow end.

Or sometimes just getting the hell out and heading for the hot tub.

But often I do just jump in, find my pace, and move forward.

Writing is coming easier in the past couple of months. I think the challenge I set myself to write everyday in November helped. I don't just write when something is bothering me. I find myself thinking of topics to write about and I have to jot them all down so I don't forget them. It is like a torrent has been unleashed.

Today I even thought about the premise of a novel.....

Oh my.

Oh my, indeed.

To fulfill the other requirement of this award I am suppose to post 7 random facts about me so here goes:

1) I am thinking of getting another tattoo.
2) I am afraid of having a stroke and not being able to communicate.
3) I have knit over 20 miles of yarn, and have about 8 miles in my yarn stash.
4) I worry when I talk to my children on the phone that I don't have anything interesting to say.
5) I was fired in 1973 from a volunteer position of reading books to tape for the Canadian Institute for the Blind.
6) I applied to be accepted into Honours English in 1975 and I was turned down.
7) I wish I could write songs.


Vera said...

I did not know any of those 7 random facts about you - I find that amazing considering we've been friends for more than 35 years :) And yes, a novel!

Unknown said...

I love your honest. Jumping in with both feet is really hard to do. It takes guts. Or a huge fear of waffling. I do that too.
Do you find you write posts and schedule them?
I was reading your 7 random facts and some of them made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. That's talent! I think you should write a book.
And how the heck does someone get fired from reading books to tape of the CNIB???? There's a story there, waiting to get out.
Great post!

Breathing Life said...

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, the story about being fired from a volunteer position is probably worth a post!

Breathing Life said...

haha....good to know I still have some secrets (although 7 fewer as of this post).

Wendy of the Rock said...

:-) Hey snap... I was not accepted into Honours English in 1976 because I stuffed up the exam... but one of my Professors talked the faculty into letting me in on the strength of my coursework... Man... that was a long time ago...
You're gonna run out of space for all these awards!

Breathing Life said...

It was just as well, my mum asked my sister to talk me out of it (she was in Honours English), but ...well....you know how that ended. ;)

Unknown said...

I am really glad that you accepted the award, and no,you are not bragging! I think that you should definitely write a novel,and I for one, would want to read it!
The random facts you shared were great too. What is your next tattoo going to be then?

Breathing Life said...

It is something my Dad wrote me just before he died - I would like the tattoo in his handwriting - just trying to decide where to put it....

Unknown said...

That's tricky. I suppose it depends how big it will be and whether or not you want to show it off.

Breathing Life said...

It isn't that big, but I want it somewhere that I can see it...

Jodiebodie said...

Congratulations on your Versatile Blogger Award. Those four shout-out blogs are great. :-)