Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy Birthday

My Mum always wrote a little poem in birthday and anniversary cards. One day I will collect them all in one place.

Today I thought I would try to write one to honour what would have been her 93rd birthday.

A Capricorn you were born
on this day in twenty two
A long life ahead
That I partly shared with you.

You met my father in forty two
and married during the war
I can't imagine those three years
of worry, pain and more.

Three children five and under
then I as number four
Two more came after me
Six children blessed your door.

We had some struggles you and I
but good times too as well
Coffees in the morning
Shared stories we would tell.

There is so much you taught me
good memories and some bad
but still and all I'm thankful
for the mother that I had.

So happy birthday Mum
Wherever you may be
And know that on your day
This memory I see.


  1. That is a beautiful tribute to your Mum.

    1. Thank you, it has been a journey to get to this place of acceptance and understanding and yes, even love.

  2. This is beautiful and so touching.

  3. What a lovely poem. There's a lot of love between those lines.


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