Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stroke, stroke, breathe

I went for my first swim of 2015 today. I wasn't feeling great, and I thought the mile would help.

I have struggled to breathe evenly on both sides - but today I just started to swim with the mantra:

Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

This results in every other breath being taken on the opposite side.

It was surreal.

Why hadn't I come to this before?

I could feel my weaker side complaining, but at the same time getter stronger.

Did the mile help?

You bet your ass it did!

Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

Not a bad mantra for other moments in my life.


  1. We have a bit in common. I used to swim. (I cannot swim far these days but am working on it). Swimming is so rhythmic and meditative. The wash filters out the sounds around me and I can dissociate from the rest of the world. As the water supports my body, my mind turns inwards and I am in my own world. Cares disappear as the focus on breathing and movement take over, until the rhythm becomes automatic and I am relaxed and alone with my thoughts, able to process ideas without interference or interruption. I miss that.
    Often the thoughts become a mantra, as you have observed and I agree, yours is a good one. Sometimes that's all we need to get through. Stroke, stroke, breathe.
    I love your post. Thank you xx

    1. It is so true and beautiful how you expressed the feeling of swimming. I wish for you peaceful laps in the pool.


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