Saturday, January 17, 2015

Singing bunnies

I gave this candle sculpture to my Mum for Christmas many, many years ago. It was a reminder to her about our love of books, and specifically the book 'Watership Down'.

We often would read books the other had suggested - The Mists of Avalon, The Clan of the Cave Bear, anything by Agatha Christie, or James Michener.

When we were heading out to our family campsite on Bowen Island she would buy at least a dozen Agatha Christie's at the used book story for ten cents each and that would be our reading for the holidays.

But there was something about Watership Down that really spoke to me. I really connected with the little bunny, Fiver, the clairvoyant one.

However, the title of this blog comes from a dream I had when I first was with my dear husband. I had this glorious dream of rabbits on a grassy hill, standing up on their back legs, singing.

The song was ethereal, beautiful, perfect.

I shared it with him, and he still refers to my singing bunny dream.

I never dreamt it again, but believe that it was a picture of Heaven.

Back to the candle - it was returned to me after my mother passed away. I brought it out every Christmas, and finally lit the candle a few years ago. The wick was quite short, and now I can put a tea-light in the well on its back.

This year, when all the decorations were being put away, I left the bunny on the kitchen windowsill.

She belongs there, not hidden in a box for fifty weeks of the year.

I have been writing about my mother a lot these past weeks. I think I have reconciled many of my conflicted feelings about her.

It has taken ten years.

I wonder what our relationship will be in our next life together. I don't think our journey is over yet.

I hope when we meet again there will be singing bunnies.


  1. This is a lovely post. I hope that when you do get to finally meet up with your Mum again that you can listen to the singing bunnies together. :-)

  2. So there's music in your heaven too... Do you think your word smithing skills are born of the reading your mum encouraged? Or from your love of music?

    1. I don't really know, but sometimes I think it is the melancholic in me that helps with my writing! I am certain all the reading I do, and have done helps too, and perhaps falling in love with so many song lyrics. I love a good turn of phrase that makes me stop and think.

  3. Do you think your thoughts about your mother are also the result of your daughter's birthday, too? It would be natural to think about another close relationship when you are celebrating one.

    1. Yes I think they are connected since they are both Capricorns!


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