Saturday, January 24, 2015

Talis (wo)men

Sometimes it seems as if the years I spent raising my children were just a dream.

And then I will stumble upon a reminder.

Like this one I found last Tuesday in the wood pile - reminding me of both my children and their gift and talent with the guitar:

Or these that I found in a box of lego that my honourary grand-daughters were playing with - reminding me of:

my daughter's passion for horses

and, my son's passion for all things star trek.

And last summer, before I embarked on a long vacation I found this suddenly appearing on the hallway floor:

I have no recollection of this ladybug, and not sure where she came from, but I popped her into my pocket, and she travels with me.

Reminding me that I was a mother of young children.

Reminding me that I am still a mother.

Allowing me to hold on to the memories for a little while longer.

The guitar is an instrument that links us all together: daughter and son, mother and father.

The ladybug and the little horse are tokens of my daughter.

The starship Enterprise, and this hummingbird are tokens of my son. He embroidered it for me a few years ago.

These tokens are with me always.

Tangible objects for an intangible concept.

Like love.


  1. What lovely reminders of your children and your precious memories. It is nice that they are with you wherever you go,

  2. Gorgeous... My son is in his final year of school this year... I'm aching about him leaving already... But he has always been fascinated by rocks and gems... You have reminded me that once when I went away alone, he gave me one for luck. I shall seek it out as a taliswoman... Or maybe it's a talismum...

  3. I have so many lovely memories of my girls as little ones - and not so lovely like when Amanda fell from a fire escape almost scaring me to death but having almost no injuries herself. But I try to live in the present as much as I can. I love the women my little girls have become. It is wonderful to see them as competent and loving women. What joy the bring me now as much as then.

  4. I love that you carry the ladybug with you. I have a little ladybug pin that my daughter gave me when she was a little one. There is something about little girls and ladybugs, I think.

    She Knits in Pearls

  5. those are lovely tokens of love and relationships.


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