Friday, January 2, 2015

Putting out the garbage

I like garbage day.

I like getting the garbage out of the house and to the curb.

I like getting the recycling off the back porch.

I like getting the compost out of the tins and freezer and ready for pick-up.

I like cashing in the bottles. Even though it is a ridiculously small amount of money, I like getting those coins put into my hands after sorting and cashing in the wine and pop containers.

I like returning all the stupid plastic grocery bags to the store.

When we are camping I also like the feeling of getting the tanks empty. Getting rid of the shit, so to speak. I always offer to do it. My husband does not understand why I like to do this, but he is glad I do.

I also like doing laundry, and the feeling of folding it and getting it all put away and seeing the empty laundry basket.
(putting it away, in the case of my husband's clothes, is piling it on top of his dresser).

I like (okay, LOVE) doing dishes.

Clearly there is a metaphor here.

For a person who suffers from depression and anxiety cleaning up and sorting out stuff is helpful.

It gives me a sense of control. And accomplishment.

It is like wiping the slate clean.

A new beginning.

Fuck waiting for January 1, which only comes once a year.

Garbage day is every week.

And wiping the slate clean fifty-two times a year makes a lot more sense.


  1. I can definitely see where you are coming from in wiping the slate clean every time you do the dishes, and laundry etc although they are not jobs that I relish myself!
    However, maybe I might now look at them in a new light!

  2. I totally agree. Tuesday for me is laundry and cleaning day. Seeing empty laundry hampers and full hangers in the closet, emptying all the trash cans through the house and taking out the full bag, sweeping and washing the floors, cleaning the bathroom and hanging fresh towels, stripping and making the beds with clean sheets. I love the feeling on late Tuesday when control has been restored and things are as they should be. The illusion is over by Wednesday, but I know we'll get back there again. I am so with you on this.

    1. you and I are kindred souls I so so many ways, Beth. Happy New Year!!

  3. Snap! I think I was actually outside bagging my empty bottles for recycling on the day you were posting this! We are like minded about that. Some people may think that it is hardly worth the energy but I just keep adding to the stack until I have enough to make it worth my while to take them. The recycling centre is just around the corner so it costs little to drop them off and I get some money back in return to help the tight household budget.
    As for laundry! Anyone who follows my twitter feed will see that whenever I am asked what I am doing today, laundry always features in the answer. With a house full of children, I can do it in my sleep!

    1. I just saw this comment - somehow it went to my spam folder - you, my dear blogging friend, are not spam. I just finished a load of laundry as I read this reply - ahhhh - feels great!


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