Sunday, November 2, 2014

All Souls' Day

All Souls' Day. The day, they say, that the veil is thinnest between the living and the dead. The day to remember loved ones who have passed.

The thing about getting older is that more and more names are added to the list of those to remember.

More and more loss.

My father and mother, all my aunts and uncles. Yes, I am of the flagship generation now.

It is a little scary. I feel orphaned.

There is the Mexican celebration: Dia des los Muertos. Part of this tradition, I learned recently, is milagros. Milagros are small charms that represent different miracles. If you have prayed for a child, the milagro may be a baby, if you prayed for a new home, the milagro would be a house, if you have prayed for love, the milagro may be a heart.

There have been miracles in my life and in the life of those close to me. There have been healings of heart and body and mind. There have been lost things found - possessions and relationships. There have been contests won, and apologies accepted.

Miracles are everywhere if we just look.


So today I will think of my mother and father, my grandmother and aunt, my uncle and his wife, my husband's parents, my friend.

Today I will think of the two young men who left us far too soon. One through accident, and one through suicide.

Yes, today is a day to remember those lost, and, if possible, to strive for reconciliation if necessary. To remember the lighter moments, the lovely moments, the moments of grace.

If there is a milagro for that, for lovely moments, I wonder what shape it would take.

I didn't have to wonder very long.


  1. It's a beautiful post. Of giving, and letting go.And it came at a very good time for me, helping me be gracious, in bad times. Thankyou for such an amazing post :)

    1. you are welcome. I am glad it helped. I know this little bunny will help me through future dark times.

    2. It sure will! :)

  2. Some people only accept as miracles things like turning water into wine or walking on water. To me, a plant setting a bud that will become a flower is a miracle, turning flour and yeast into bread is a miracle. And finding someone of like mind who understands - that's a miracle. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Beth. And thank you for the tutorial about milagros on Friday. Blessings on your celebration today.

  3. Beautiful.

    My definition of miracle has changed...I too notice more moments of wonder now.

  4. It makes the days easier when your definition changes, doesn't it. Thank You for your comment.


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