Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Maybe I AM a robot

Warning, warning Will Robinson. Rant alert.

Ok, bloggers, I get it. I get that you don't want robotic spammers filling up your comment section with, I don't know, penis enlargment advertisements, BUT as someone who likes to comment on blogs to show my support and interest I get really, really cranky about the Prove you are not a robot hoops you insist on putting me through.

I am pretty good at the math ones, and I am very good at the check the box to confirm I am NOT a spammer ones, but I really really REALLY suck at the ones where you are suppose to read letters that are all distorted and wonky.

These distorted letters are called CAPTCHA (an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart"). Clearly, I am not human by these standards.

I rarely get it on the first try, usually it takes three tries, but today? Today, just now, it took me FIVE tries to get through the hoop so my stupid comment could be published (and it wasn't even a particularly witty comment so definitely not worth the aggravation).

I don't know why this whole prove you are not a robot thing is so important. I have had a blog since 2008 and I have received one, that's right ONE, spam comment.

Now, I do not have the readership of say The Bloggess (who, by the way, doesn't make you prove anything to comment on her posts), and I don't have a huge following, but I do get upwards of 150-200 hits a day on my blog.

So, if you aren't getting comments on your blog, think about the hoops you are making your readers jump through. Maybe your readers are patient and a lot smarter than me when it comes to proving they aren't a robot.


Just call me R2D2, or maybe C3PO, or even Data.

Just don't make me try to decipher anymore of these:


  1. I often tilt my head like a dog trying to parse out human speech while figuring out the squiggled letters! Haha, loved it!

  2. I am glad I am not the only one...robots love company.

  3. ummmmm...oops...sorry....although I share your pain, I am such a naive novice that I didn't realise I could remove it from my blog page. It just appeared when I created the Rock... And as you're on Blogger... yours is about to make me go all squinty-eyed and prove I'm flesh and blood too... I share your pain...

    1. Really? Mine asks for that....oh my......I didn't know that.....(Off to the help page...) How embarrassing.

  4. you know, I've no idea if I have CAPTCHA on my blog.I will try to find out. But it's true every bloggspot blog I commented yesterday had one, including yours, and it's the first time I encountered this on all blogs, so maybe blogger implemented them on all blogs?

    1. yes, I have tried removing mine, but it is still there, so I think blogger has decided we all have to prove we are not robots. Oh well, small price to pay for this wonderful blogging community.


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