Sunday, November 23, 2014

Your Kitchen - Our Love

I miss your kitchen
The smell of ivory soap
The tiny ice-box
The tidiness of it all

I miss watching you make tea
warming the pot
setting out the mugs
the golden crocheted tea cozy

I miss sitting across from you
talking of this and that
leafing through magazines
doing the jumble puzzle

I miss your laugh
the twinkle in your eyes
the colour of your hair
The way you loved me

I miss it all
and I am glad
I have forgotten
all the things you forgot

and only remember
what you always remembered
That you loved me
and I loved you

written for my Aunt Georgina
although Alzheimer's took her from me far too soon


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. That's a horrible way to go, with your life slipping away from you. Your tribute to her is beautiful.

  2. What a lovely poem for you Aunt, She looks like she was a happy,smiley person, and it must have been awful for you to have lost her; first to Alzheimer's

  3. Yes, Alzheimer's is a tragic disease.


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