Saturday, November 29, 2014

Random Facts

Huge Thank you to Edwina's Episodes and Wendy of the Rock for giving me today's topic. I have tomorrow's ready to go, but was looking for just the right thing for today and TA-DA, my blogging buddies provided.

11 Random Facts About Me

1) I have dancing feet. My feet are always in motion - and one day while sitting waiting for a doctor appointment the woman beside me said "Hey, you have dancing feet, just like me!" She was so excited, and so was I to find a kindred spirit and a lovely term for the constant motion.

2) I have all my wisdom teeth, but no canines. This means I am very wise, but I would make a lousy vampire.

3) I love penny candy. (I know, I know, they are five cent candy now.)

4) My sister and I have a strong intuitive connection. One example: I wrote her an email about a difficult situation I was experiencing. As I pressed send, I received an email from her about a difficult situation she was experiencing. And no, they were not at all connected. But we were.

5) When I was two I was hospitalized for a hernia repair. The hospital lost me. (I have since been found).

6) I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I grew up. I was dissuaded by my parents. I don't regret the careers I have had - especially teaching, but still, some days......

7) I have written over one hundred poems and I hope to publish them some day.

8) I love math and hope to take a Calculus course in the near future.

9) I believe I will live to be one hundred.

10) My father died when I was seventeen and some days the grief is as raw as if it were yesterday.

11) Not counting my family I have four women, each of whom I call my best friend.

So that's me.

Wanna play along?

Post some random facts about yourself in the comments.


  1. I lost my mom just after my 11th birthday. I still remember the sound of her voice reading me Alice in Wonderland. I met my husband in a chat room on line. He lived in Georgia USA and I was in Ontario, CA but we managed to make it work. I love to make things - cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, embroidery.

  2. A couple more random facts about me, I'm only 5ft 1" tall (or short)!
    When I was 13, my friend and I pierced each other's ears with an ordinary sewing needle!

  3. ...more me too... I love to cook for friends and always over-feed and over-cater for visitors, but after they leave, there's always something I forgot still sitting in the microwave, or the fridge or the oven ( my kitchen has 2 ovens - 1 normal-sized and one large)... I have had 17 holidays in Bali in my 56-year lifetime... there's a hawk outside my study window at I type and she's hunting rabbit

  4. I have married three times, what's thst said about third time lucky? I was 19 years sober

    I lost a son and my mom 5 months apart, I was 13 years into sobriety

    I was 2 years sober when my son was in a horrible car accident that left him with permanent brain damage

    I came out to my family and friends as bi-sexual when I was 3 months sober

    Hmm at 27 years sober today I still remember my last drink, last drunk, and because of that same factoid, I can remember and have been very much "present" for all of the other dates

    I might be doing something right today

  5. I have dancing feet too. Andd the first neuroleptic I ever took gave me the next step, restless legs syndrome, for a while. I prefer dancing feet :)

  6. Not-so-random fact: When younger, I was always full of energy and a chatterbox (some things haven't changed much). If I wasn't singing or chatting or making some sound, and had to be quiet, my toes would wiggle. I never realised I was doing it - just suppose the energy had to come out. These days I suffer chronic fatigue. I fear I used up my life's worth of energy too soon!


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