Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Well, it is Tuesday, and I have been away from home and my guy for just over a week. I miss home. I miss him.
This always happens on a Tuesday - Mars day - so it isn't really a surprise.

I called last night, a little weepy, and his reply, "It's five o clock, you probably have low blood sugar. Go eat something!"

Such a romantic that guy.

Actually he is a romantic, just not when I have low blood sugar. Then he is just practical.

I like that about him.

I am a Libra - read up and down, here and there. He is a Taurus - read steady. I am a melancholic. He is a phlegmatic. We are both introverts, although he has extrovert qualities that are becoming more evident as the years go by. I trust that it will all work out. He plans so that it will all work out. We both trust our intuition although his spidey sense is much stronger than mine, especially where our children are involved.

I love talking to him on the phone when I am out of town. He has the most wonderful voice, and I do kinda melt when I hear him on the phone. Even after thirty-eight years.

So, tonight I will go to bed missing him, but know that I will be home in a week, and Tuesdays are just like that.

Plus I am going for a long swim, and that will help too.



  1. I hear you.
    I have spend hours on the phone with my husband. It's how we courted - on the computer and on the phone. When he is away or when I am away, I need that connection. As much as he hates small talk and chatter, he works at it so I have the connection I need. 14 years and counting.

  2. It is funny how men can bring us back down to earth when we get a little emotional,
    Your husband sounds a real gem, loving and caring.and after being together for so many years, any time spent apart must be pretty tough. At least Tuesday is over now,

  3. That "Go eat something" is definitely man-code for "I love you to forever and miss you like heck too but if I say that I know you're just gonna get all snotty and hiccuppy type of weepy". For sure. We're only up to 28 years, and he's the Libran...I'm Cancerian. But in our household it's the Chinese zodiac that dominates... He's a rooster (extrovert, ego-driven.). I'm a dog (Kick me and I'm still gonna love you). Do you think while you swim, or is it pure muscle memory?

    1. It is both, because it is muscle memory I can think and sort out stuff. I have solved a lot of world problems on my mile swims :)

  4. You are completing each other in terms of personality, don't you think?


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