Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spoken Word

Put me first
me first

Why did you have me?

What was the point?
to daycare me, or pawn me
or place me out of the way

I was your front
your centre
when I was cute
and mute

Now I have something to say
my turn to be selfish
to play
to get my way

To answer to myself
not be held back
because of your lack
of fact
or tact

You don't like my hair
you complain
I'm a strain
I'm too bare
You don't like what I wear
why I care
For my music
that is harsh

that you don't understand
what it is to feel lost
despite the cost

You marry and carry on
like I'm not even here
What do you fear?
Why give me the gear?

When your own life
is nothing
for you to be proud
you are too loud

Be quiet and listen

I'm just wanting your yes
I guess

You brought me into
your nest
into your mess

Why don't you just confess

It isn't true

I bring you more
not less


I bring you more
not less

Written December 2011 during a spoken word workshop. Written for a young woman I knew from her point of view.


  1. This is just lovely. I think it hits on universal themes; people can identify with it on some level no matter who they are. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. yes, thank you, I think so too. I realize it could have been about me, or my children, or many others. I enjoy writing spoken word poems - there is something visceral and raw about the emotions it evokes for me.


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