Monday, November 3, 2014

Earning his keep

We have always had squirrels around our house, but since the bird-feeder went up eighteen months ago, and since I started gardening on the back porch, they have been more, shall I say, present.

We have a squirrel-buster bird-feeder so they can only scrounge the seeds from under the feeder, and they only have to put up with the Juncos doing the same thing.

This little one broke numerous marigolds over the summer. I have picture proof.

So, he was in my bad books.

This fall my son picked the apples from our tree. We have to keep them picked otherwise we have problems with the bears. If you zoom in on this photo of said bear scat you will see apples. Ewww. Too much information.

My son couldn't reach the apples really high up, and I was worried these would start to fall and I would have to keep vigilant about the bears. There were easily two dozen apples far out of human reach.

However, my little squirrel friend redeemed him (her?)self. For about a week it went up and down that apple tree taking the apples one at a time. Somedays his balance seemed precarious, and yet his agility was splendid on those tiny branches. Somedays he brought a tiny accomplice - an offspring I think.

The tree is now clear of apples.

There are none on the ground. I imagine they are drying in some tree - a store for winter.

The bears have no reason to visit our front yard.

The little squirrel has earned his keep.

One little grey squirrel keeping us safe from the bears.

Who would have thought?

He deserves his day in the sun.


  1. Haha!! I had squirrels stealing our tomatoes and peppers. I had to resort to keeping them fed with peanuts so they would learn our garden was not their food! Bears are a whole other story though!!

  2. Squirrels are so inventive! I used to become angry when they would tear up the bird feeders and my husband said, "Well, they have to eat too, don't they?"
    Since then, I always sprinkle some bird feed on the ground for them too. :D

    1. Me too. And left over bread gets left out for them as well. Bread and apples - not too shabby for squirrel food.

  3. Well, and I thought the voles in our yard were a pest! You have bears. I may never be able to complain again!

  4. haha. My son has voles in his yard. When he turned the compost he found a nest of them, and felt so bad about disturbing them he moved them somewhere else in the garden. Oh, and complain away....I wouldn't want to take that away from anyone!


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