Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A is for Abotti and Aquafit with Meaghan


In February 2020 I was able to go to my pool 4-5 times a week as I had been for years.  Up until February 2019 I was swimming one mile each time which took me about 45 minutes.  In February 2019 I somehow tore my rotator cuff and swimming was off the table.  I was still going to the pool and walking in the river and doing arm exercises though, but swimming for long distances was definitely out.  In the fall of 2019 I developed awful hip pain when I walked for any distance, especially if there were stairs or a hill.  I was falling apart but kept up with the pool/river workout almost daily as it eased both my hip and arm. 

March 2020 - pools were closed because of the pandemic.  Walking outside was difficult but my goal was to walk 250 steps ever hour from 9am until 7pm.  This involved making a trail around my house when it was nice weather, and walking around the house when it was not. 

I heard from the WW Gays that this Toronto woman was offering a low impact workout every Monday to Friday called Abotti with Antonietta and I decided to give it a try.  The classes were via zoom, and lasted about forty minutes.  I managed to keep up with the routines, but my arm was still so sore I could not lift it over my head for the arm exercises and so would do them with one arm only. 

The classes were fun, and the leader, Antonietta was enthusiastic and encouraging.  The music was good and the sessions went by quickly.  I started to go everyday and when weather permitted I did them in the sun on my back porch.  I started to keep track of how many classes I attended in my journal.  Slowly I noticed improvement in my arm and within a couple of months I could join in with all the exercises.  

When I was sharing my experience with my WW zoom group about these Abotti classes someone mentioned Aquafit with Meaghan who was doing something similar on both facebook and instagram live.  She is an aquafit teacher who started to offer free aquafit classes from her living room.  She is very lively and funny and had decorated her living room to look like a pool with paper mache fish and kelp and octopi hanging from the ceiling.  It also was a low impact class so on days I couldn't make the Abotti class I would go to her Aquafit class.  

Two women who shared their love of exercise for free with those of us locked down due to the pandemic were a gift for my body and soul.  I hold great admiration for both of them. 




  1. Wow, you were so lucky to have found those sites. I am enjoying your journaling results.

  2. It sure is hard to keep up with our activities we enjoyed before COVID!! I have a great Yoga teacher, and she’s offering her classes for free on line to anyone who wants. She is missing out on her Yoga fees for a year. Sure hope we can get back to it after our shots. Hang in there!

  3. Wonderful to find helpful new activities that put a smile on one's face! Carry on!

  4. There have been many opportunities like these online during lockdown. Well done for keeping them up.

  5. I wish I didn’t hate exercise.
    My brain needs rewiring.
    You continue to be my hero.


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