Sunday, April 4, 2021

Yopping Update #40 - still socks


Happy Easter.  It seems to always be a glorious sunny day on Easter Sunday and today is no exception so I am soon to be off for a walk and to also pickup some potting soil to plant the wildflower seeds my son sent me this past week. 

I finished the Scatterby socks and love them.  The first one I made a wee bit too long, and it was a wee bit too tight using the 2mm needles so I ordered some 2.25mm 9" circulars for the second sock and it fit much better.  

I also order another 2mm and 2.5mm 9"circular so I can knit two socks at a time which is my preferred method.  I forgot how much I love the fish lips kiss heel and I will definitely be using it more often with my future socks. It is so easy and the fit is superb.  It really hugs my heel. 

My friend Fitznstarts asked me to knit a sock with her so last night we both cast on Pole Dance. I do love socks with a different kinds of construction.  

I had to order sock yarn to get the free shipping on my needles and these two colours will be perfect for Pole Dance

It's a beginning

I did end up frogging my Practical Magic, and casting on with the 2nd colour first - I like it much better. 

The sweater of many colours has not got any attention this week.  

On the health front the good news is my cough is gone!!  Hooray, and as of yesterday I have stopped the steroid inhaler.  More good news - my hubby got his first vaccine last Tuesday!  I talked to my doctor and I do qualify to get mine sooner due to my medical condition, but I have to wait for the letter from the government.  She figure my age might come up before the letter gets to me, but either way I am hopeful to get my first vaccine before the end of the month. 

The not so good news is I got my third migraine in as many weeks on Friday - boo hiss. 

However, progress is progress and I did get out for a few nice walks earlier in the week.  Someone decorated the boulevard trees with Easter eggs, and it was a lovely sight on Wednesday. 

There was a very tragic incident at our local mall last Saturday and seven people were stabbed - one fatally.  The community has been coming together to heal and chalk drawings are everywhere to remind us of love and kindness. 

On Thursday I had a beautiful walk around a lake near my home

and, of course was treated to some glorious pictures of grand-daughter playing in the tidal pools. 

I hope all is well with all of you.  Things are looking up, and hey, Lent is over so I am back on facebook, instagram and enjoying my chocolate treats!


  1. I love the sweater of many colors and your socks turned out really nice. You have gorgeous scenery to walk in. The new yarns and sock are going to be really cool looking! I'm so sorry about the tragedy there. I think it was on the news but unfortunately, there are so many nowadays it's hard to keep track of them all. Sorry about your migraines too. Your granddaughter looks healthy and happy! I wish you all the best!

  2. I'm so happy the cough has resolved, so unfortunate about the migraines! I hope you can get some relief from those!

    Doing a KAL with your friend sounds really awesome! I'm super excited to see the pattern as it works up!

  3. ChiaoGood Needles!! Love them. The shorties are on my wish list for Christmas since I love magic loop knitting. So glad to hear your cough is finally better but sorry to hear about the migraines. I get "bad headaches" but I don't think they are migraine level. I can't image. How fun to do a sock KAL with your friend.

  4. Your Scatterby socks are very nice. I love the FKL heels too. I just need to remember to knit an extra inch so they fit better when I use them You have some really great scenery to look at on your walks. It is already almost 100F here so walks are no longer on my to do list. Now I am waiting for our pool to warm up so I can add water aerobics to my daily routine. I hope your migraines leave you alone for a while. I can not even imagine that type of pain in the head. OUCH!

  5. Sounds like a week of ups and downs. I'm sorry about the stabbings at the mall, it must have been a real shock.
    Hopefully that is the last of the migraines.
    On the positive side, hurrah for vaccines, lack of cough and lovely socks!

  6. The speckled yarn on your jumper is very pretty. I bought then FLK heel ages ago but still haven't tried it, perhaps I will finally give it a go on my next pair. I'm so glad your cough has gone. Hopefully not too much longer before you get your jab. Are your migraines seasonal? I have a friend who is convinced hers are brought on like hayfever in Spring. How sad to hear about the stabbing, I hope they caught the person. Take care and enjoy those Spring walks.

  7. So glad your cough is gone and you're feeling better (apart from the migraines!) I laughed at you having to order wool to get free shipping on the needles.


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