Tuesday, April 6, 2021

(my) Life in the time of CoVid-19

 It all started at the free store on the little island where my sister lives.  In the library section where I was volunteering I discovered an unused Lee Valley Logbook. 

 Being one who loves to journal, although not religiously, I snatched it up and took it home with me.  It languished on my shelf for a few months and then I started to use it when I was evaluating or mentoring teachers.  

Then March 2020 arrived. 

No more daily swims at my local pool.  No more going out for lunch with my dear husband.  No more meeting friends for coffee.  No more CoDA meetings.  No more WW meetings.  Just. No. More.

When it all started, and things were officially shut down we all thought it would be only for two weeks. 

Little did any of us know. 

So I needed some new ideas, new things to do, new ways to stay connected, new ways to get exercise. 

And that is where this Logbook came into play. 

I did not use it page by page at all.  Some things went straight to the back page.  Some to the front.  Some were started somewhere in the middle.  It is a muddle.  It is quite frankly a mess.  It is my mess of the last year and I think there are quite a few stories here.  Stories of new friends and new hobbies.  Stories of health issues, frustrations and setbacks.  Stories of hopeful changes.  Stories, of course, of knitting.

There are lists, and graphs, and totals and phone numbers.  There are to-do lists, and have-done lists.  

The A-Z blogging challenge has begun, and in my own fashion I have just thought about starting and it is already April 6th.  But hey, I can catch up.  Right?

My next post will be one of the stories from this Lee Valley Logbook.  I am not going to limit myself to following the alphabet.  It might work, but if it doesn't I will veer off on my own.  

I have no pages left in the logbook so I need to start a new one.  I like to have one beside me where I sit and read and knit and talk and watch too much TV.  Then I can also jot down whatever I need to without scrambling to find the back of an envelope.  I am sure my new journal will start out all orderly and tidy - but that is for another day.  

If you are interested in following this whimsy of mine then please subscribe.  I hope to post every day until I have given the pages in this logbook their due.  

It has been a year.

And this journal is proof that I survived. 

Yes, I did try making sourdough bread - more on that in a later post


  1. You go, grrrlll. I shall keep reading your A to Zed, even if you veer. Especially if you veer

  2. Journaling is what kept me sane last year. My new "journal" is not the way I normally like to write so am thinking of journaling in a separate book. I will enjoy reading you posts.

  3. Are you allowed to post an entry without a darling photo of your granddaughter? It has been a long isolating year, especially for you, you go-getter! Less so for those that already had a quiet life going on. Another few months and we'll be joining in group activities, here's hoping so anyway.

  4. It has definitely been a challenging year. And I always say when it's your blog you can do what you like on it. Have fun!

  5. It's been a year!! I look forward to seeing what you have been up to.


I look forward to reading the comments. It makes me feel like I am not jut posting into the void.